Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Bucket List: Complete a project inspired by Pinterest

The Fall Bucket List is winding there is only 1 item remaining: read a non-textbook book. Piece of cake! But first, let's talk about Pinterest-y projects.

I actually over-achieved on this one and completed two projects inspired by Pinterest! It's amazing - stay tuned for project number 2! Not that kind of number 2. Dirty.

The first project is inspired by this project:

I love that fact that she painted them both white and relied on paper to increase the level of festive! I ran to Lowe's to pick up some cheap terra cotta pots and saucers in various sizes that looked proportional - this was not very scientific, just what looked good to me while standing there in the garden center...

I think these 4 pieces might have cost $7? That could be a total lie, but I think it sounds right. Anyways, then I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some Gorilla Glue and spray paint. Apparently this stuff is the go-to glue for crafters and DIY'ers, which makes me feel bad for Aleene, who used to be the queen of the craft glue jungle.

See what I did there? Gorilla Glue => Queen of the Jungle? No? Ok, moving on...

I wiped down the saucers where I intended to glue the pot to moisten it - this was recommended on the glue bottle, to maximize the effectiveness of the adhesive:

Then I glued the pieces together and stacked books on top to make sure they sealed firmly...
I believe a person's book collection gives you a peek into their soul. What do you infer about me from this shot?

...but didn't finish reading the directions. You might notice in the next photo that the glue expanded. A lot. When I went back to the instructions on the bottle to find out why, I noticed that it clearly said to be conservative with the glue because it may expand up to four times its original size while drying. Oops...luckily it didn't cause a problem, just makes the seams between the pot and sauce look less clean. Lesson learned.

Here's the paint I bought - white primer, dover white gloss paint, and a clear sealer to protect the paint surface:

And a whole shitload of coats later, here's the cake stand! What happened tot he little one? Well, this spray paint novice thought the little white plastic piece in the nozzle was just there to make sure no paint accidentally sprayed at the store or in a truck, so I pulled it out before painting. Yeah, DON'T do that! That little, ittybitty piece is VITALLY important!

So long little cake stand - RIP.

But your big brother looks fabulous! I think we'll use him this weekend to display a bowl of pumpkin dip and some ginger snaps/Nilla wafers at our faux Thanksgiving dinner with friends - all dressed up with a fally napkin or piece of scrapbook paper...

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