Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm not sure why I've never gotten a flu shot, but now that I am experiencing the flu as a an adult who can't just put life on hold, stay home from school, and have mommy take care of me, I will be first in line next season.

I have been in the house since Saturday, except for a trip to the grocery store for bread and Best Buy for Pinocchio. While that sucks, having the flu is good for catching up on movies that I've been wanting to check off my list.

Here are the ones I've watched, in no particular order, along with some commentary.

A Haunting in Connecticut - no not the movie that's not out yet, the Discovery channel version of the story.

Them - French flick that The Strangers is based on. Very good, and there's really no need for the subtitles because most of the movie is people being chased in the woods. The sound of terror is pretty much the same in any language.

The Changeling - great movie. The saddest part about it is that it's true - a boy goes missing and the police return some random kid to the mother to make it look like they solved a crime. But I'm glad to see how far the LAPD has come since the 20's, when it was corrupt - oh wait...

Over her dead body - waste of 2 hours, but once I started, I was committed and couldn't turn it off. I liked it the first time when it was called GHOST.

Zack and Miri make a porno - yep you guessed it. SPOILER ALERT - Best friends decide to make a porno to make money because they're broke. They have sexual tension but act like they hate each other. They have sex (a scene for their porno, of course) and literally in the middle of it, they decide they're in love. And then there's the obligatory romantic comedy break-up and make-up. Roll credits.

I feel like that only accounts for 10 hours of my time, which makes me wonder where the other hours have gone. I've been high on codeine, so I'll blame it on that.

Today, I have cabin fever, so I made myself a message board for my craft room. I have a bulletin board in there now, but it's a bulky, dorm-room style cork board, so I wanted to upgrade a little. Here's a pic:

Lastly, with the springtime weather we've been having, some flowers have bloomed in our front beds - here's our first of the season:

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