Thursday, May 5, 2016

Succulent Garden

Bonnie and I went to Maymont's Herbs Galore & More this weekend with her MIL. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was like a large farmers' market except instead of vegetables, the booths were full of plants, herbs, homemade soaps, lavender goodies, and a few crafties!

I came home with some herbs (dill, basil, and chives), a purple heliotrope, some lavender spray to spray in the bedroom before I go to bed (helps me fall asleep - staying asleep is a problem, though), and some succulents to make a succulent garden!

There was a booth that was selling the most beautiful succulent arrangements - they were a little pricey for something I'd probably kill in a month, so I decided to pick up 4 miniature succulents and make my own succulent garden like one I saw on Garden Answer.
Bonnie's photo

She had some in teacups, but that's not really my style, so I went to Target (shocker) to find a large bowl for my arrangement. I was hoping for something Anthro-ish but instead I picked up an oil-rubbed bronze guy so he can be moved between rooms as I see fit.

Since this isn't a proper pot for plants and has no way for water to drain, I put some marbles (from Dollar Tree) in the bottom of the bowl, then added some potting soil:

Then I added my 4 succulents and tried to brush off all the dirt from them. My paint brush was wet, so I created a bit of a mud situation ;)

I haven't decided where it will live long-term, so for now it is in a place of honor beside the television. I also repotted my herbs and heliotrope, making a big ol' mess in the process:

Lessons learned for next year:
  • Get there early! Maymont's small, main parking area filled up quickly and most of the streets of the surrounding neighborhood were full by 830!
  • Bring a wagon! I only brought in a grocery tote, but was scared that my plants were being smooshed (they were!) whenever I added something new to the bag. I have this wagon for beach trips and other events, so we're for sure taking this next year, along with some market boxes to keep everything organized.

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