Monday, May 5, 2014

Previously, on LOST...

Man, I have some catching up to do!  I haven't written any posts since last August, and even then I was way behind in sharing things with my ~1.2 readers.  So now it's time to bring this shit current!

Here's what you missed:

  • Reed turned 2!
  • JMU/UR played football against each other!
  • Maternity photo shoot with the Browns!
  • Ellie-belly was born!
  • I finally got my degree and celebrated in many fun/delicious ways!
  • We took a road trip to Charlottesville!
  • Dave had a brilliant idea for River City Sweets!
  • Bonnie, Ashley, and I pulled off an excellent 4th of July celebration on short notice!
  • Crystal shared some starter mix for Amish friendship bread!
  • I organized my ribbon!
  • Bonnie and I took a road trip to Charlottesville!
  • I tried on some hipster glasses!
  • We scoped out a new place in RVA for dinner to celebrate our anniversary!
  • Too many exclamation points!
  • We took a beach trip with our friends!
  • We took another road trip to Charlottesville!
  • We got a sidewalk!
  • RVA Swappers!
  • RVA Swappers again!
  • JMU/UR played football against each other again!
  • I made a fall wreath for the front door!
  • I made a Thanksgiving planner printable! 
  • Agnes turned 2!
  • Bonnie and I did a craft show to sell vanilla extract!
  • Dave's parents gave us an awesome trunk and can't believe we are using it as a furniture piece! 
  • We played with rockets at the lake!
  • I organized our pantry!
  • Reed turned 3!
  • I made a home maintenance binder! 
  • Agnes is adorable!
  • Bonnie and I did another craft show to sell vanilla and lemon extract!
  • Charlotte turned 1!
  • I'm trying to turn my thumb from black to green!
  • Bonnie and I went to Lewis Ginter, Spring Bada Bing, and the Dinosaur exhibit at SMV!
  • Dollar Tree is amazing!
  • I bought a cactus!  
  • Ellie-belly turned 1!
  • We're going to beach with friends again!
  • I tried out some subscription beauty boxes!
  • I have way too many Vera Bradley purses!
  • Holland in Haymarket!
  • Graze!
We'll see if each of these things gets a whole post - maybe I'll do a greatest hits of Charlottesville post to combine at least 3 items :) Love that town!

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