Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shower for Baby Brown

Baby Shower #3 for this year:  Check!

Ashley has probably been planning this event since she met Daniel, so she had a very clear idea of what she wanted:  DIY/ pink / white / burlap!

Instead of doing cheesy baby shower games, we created onesie- and headband-making stations so the guests could make a handmade gift for the baby to enjoy.  Jackie made adorable onesie cupcakes from a plain onesie, a burp cloth, and some burlap, so each guest chose one, unwrapped it and let their creative juices flow!

We had fabric markers, fabric, and paint to create decorations, and I was so impressed at some of the finished onesies!
made by, from top left:  cousin paige, me, sister paige, livi

As they were completed, they were hung on a clothesline to dry:

At the headband station, we laid out plain headbands in just about every color, plus a bunch of fabric flowers, pearls, and rhinestones.

So much fun!  Spoiler alert - Eleanora HATES them so far!  Or maybe she's just hungry ;) :

For decorations, Jackie made a HUGE banner that spanned the entire front window by the food table - so sweet!

Georgia wasn't able to attend, but sent this awesome diaper cake with her mom and sister - Baby Brown's dad is obsessed with Jaws and is an avid fossil hunter, so this shark-themed cake was so appropriate!  And adorable!

Ashley is using Ikea's origami fabric for Eleanora's nursery, so she created a message board using the same fabric and asked everyone to sign it as a guest book.

There was a great turnout, and Ashley received so many wonderful gifts!  We had a great time and were all so excited to meet Baby Brown! :)

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