Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My first SpidUR game!

Saturday night Dave and I went to Richmond's first home game of the season!

Their stadium is still brand new - only built last season - and so cool! I love how they designed it to match the campus so it doesn't stick out. The archways of the gates mirrored the archways atop the doors of the Robins Center (next door) and all over campus.

And they filled the place with spiders - including the ironwork on the railings surrounding the stands:

...and the 50 yard line:

We got there early enough to see both teams warm up and practice before the game...

...and make their big entrance!

Dave got me a present to commemorate my first Richmond game - this necklace is just tacky enough to show school spirit! I saw plenty of women wearing them with their fancy dresses and heels, so I need one to fit in, right? Of course, I wore mine with jeans and sneakers :)

The Spiders didn't waste any time after the first huddle:

They scored a touchdown on their 3rd play!

Fun! Hopefully we'll make it back to more home games - especially when they play JMU in future years...although I'm not sure who I would root for?

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