Sunday, June 5, 2011

Philly Cheesesteak Calzones

The Philly roll Bonnie and I tried at Center Street Grill yesterday was so good that I wanted to try a similar recipe for dinner tonight.  I didn't want to make egg rolls, so I made calzones instead!

I bought 2 Steak-umm packages (America's favorite sliced steak - apparently), a bag of cheddar cheese, a pizza crust, and an onion.  Easy!

My brother and I used to make Steak-umm sammiches all the time if we were in charge of dinner - I don't remember them being so messy!  Perhaps because we left the mess for mom to clean up?  That was rude of us.  There is grease all over my stove now - maybe I can leave the mess for Dave to clean up this time...*evil laugh*

Once the steak was cooked the onion was diced, I mixed them together with the bag of cheese (saving 1 cup of cheese for a sauce!), and then I prepared the crusts.

Haha - look at my mad rolling pin skills below!  Ideally this would be a perfect square :)

I spread a light layer of light mayonnaise on the crust, then spooned the steak mixture on the bottom half.  Fold over the rest of the crust and pinch the edges and you're ready to put them in the oven! 

While the calzones were cooking (I have no idea how hot or how long because I just followed the directions on the pizza crust packaging), I asked Dave to make the cheese dipping sauce (they served something similar at the restaurant with our Philly rolls).

The finished product tasted awesome!  Next time I might add mushrooms and peppers, but it was good with just the steak, cheese, and onion!

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