Thursday, March 11, 2010

I love Etsy...

the other day I was trolling Etsy to check prices on messages boards like the ones I made last weekend, and while I was there I did an item search using 'Richmond' as the keyword.

I got a ton of results, but most were items made or being sold by a seller in Richmond, not Richmond-related items, which is what I was looking for.  But then I saw some awesome items, and I bought my favorite!

First, there was this Richmond pendant, made from a map:

There are a ton of buttons made out of old newspaper articles about Richmond or maps - do people accessorize with these?

There are some awesome artists around here, like the one who made this drawing of Maymont...

....and the one to took this picture of the Rivah:
We all know my love for these photo collages, with local themes:

My absolute favorite was a wallet made out of a local map and (I assume) covered in clear contact's a simple one that only fits a couple pieces of plastic and some cash, and the perfect size if you just want to throw it in your pocket, rather than carry around your purse.  I decided that I neeeeeeeded it, and at $6, I didn't think I could go wrong, right?

Isn't it cute? 

I've been using it for a few days, and it seems pretty durable...hopefully we will be friends for a long time.

What's your favorite Etsy find?  Do you have your own Etsy site?  If so, let me know so I can favorite you and take a stroll through your shop!


  1. Aww the wallet is awesome!! :)

  2. it's about time you jumped on the etsy bandwagon!!! :D

    etsy is a wonderful site for people all over the world to sell their handmade/vintage goods. i love it.

    i have a shop there but i only have 1 item listed..i am planning to list more things soon.

    i bought stuff for my wedding from there, and have several friends who also sell on there-it's so cool!