Sunday, January 10, 2010

I always wanted one of these!

I know, my dreams aren't too lofty, but I have always wanted a color fan! And now, I have one!

We went to Sherwin-Williams today on (hopefully) our last trip to pick up paint samples, and I decided that in order to avoid driving to the paint store every day for the next week, this color fan needed to come home with me!

Our final two paint choices, after throwing out all previous choices based on their shared failed sunlight test, are:


...and Softened Green:

Very similar when separated, but I can't fit both walls in one picture. Grassland has more brown, so it's a compromise khaki and sage fans. Softened green is a classic sage. The other sages I tried turned out to have too much blue for the look I want.

What do you think? If we go with either, we'll need an accent wall behind the couch, which is a crushed velvet material in olive, so that would be too much of the same tone in one place.

I'm thinking a cream - like this Ralph Lauren suede?

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