Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally, a decision made

I have finally made up my mind, no more waffling. I'm voting for Obama! If I'm wrong and he turns out to be a terrorist, the anti-Christ, and/or a Muslim extremist, I will admit that I was wrong...

After the Joe the Plumber debacle - finding out that he's worried about paying taxes for a plumbing business for no reason because he doesn't pay them anyways, and he's not really a plumber - and the endless negative ads making false claims about Obama, I decided that the things I dislike about McCain outweigh the things I like.

Saturday night, after Frog Level, Dave and I headed over to the local campaign office and picked up a sign for our yard. I hope it makes it to election day...a lot in our area have been vandalized or stolen.

Here's a pic for posterity...


  1. Where is this pic from? That's not your house or your car?

  2. Biden said that obama would be tested in the first six months. So, be prepared for the hit. Remember that you are not that far away from DC.

  3. God bless America & president-elect Barack Obama!