Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good weekend

As if finding Christ's Home Office didn't give away how awesome this trip has been, I wanted to share some details :)

I came here to relax, and that goal has been accomplished. I've had alone time cruising around looking at the scenery, singing at the top of my lungs, have not thought about work (crap, until now!), and have enjoyed being my own boss for a couple days. Not that having people around is a bad thing, but for the anti-social part in me, a trip like this is needed once in a while :)

I woke up super early Friday morning to get a picture I scoped out when I first got here (red door pic below)...after I got my shot, I drove around all the back roads and visited the Amish farms that have shops attached. I didn't buy any quilts, though a certain green and lilac one was calling my name. I didn't run over any Amish kids riding their scooters in the middle of the road. Then I went back to the B&B (house pic below) and took a nap. What a life....

Around dinnertime, I went to the Sight and Sound Millennium Theater to see "In the Beginning." I highly recommend seeing a show at this theater once in your life! The building is amazing, the sets were unbelievable, and sheepies ran down the aisle right next to me during the show!

The only questionable thing about the show was the fact that when Adam was naming all the animals, he came to one and said "I might call you crocodile later, but for now, you're an alligator." It may have been the other way around, but you get the point, and I thought the show was trying to include evolution in the mix...but then when God and Adam came to the dinosaurs, Adam named them and God interrupted and said something like "I didn't create those animals but they exist with us..." I don't get that. Thoughts?

This morning I slept in and walked around the outlet malls, but surprisingly, none of the stores called my name. Now I'm back to Panera, blogging, and winding down to come home. I've seen all the Amish I can see. Back to reality...

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  1. awww sheepies came running down the isle??? how cute and awesome!!! :)